Chamber Alliance launches business research on COVID-19

To gain greater insights into the impact COVID-19 is having on the Sunshine Coast business community the Chamber Alliance has today launched a research piece that will enable them to better understand what is happening on the ground, what is needed to support these businesses and what the priorities are.

The research aims to inform all levels of government so they can implement effective measures to provide help where it is needed and, in a way, that it will be most effective.

No confidential information is being requested and all responses will be de-identified.

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The research includes questions on what businesses’ most pressing needs are, what do businesses require help with right now, if they intend on reopening beyond COVID-19, and the current and projected loss of revenue due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Chair of the Sunshine Coast Chamber Alliance, Linda Delamotte said, “In light of recent COVID-19 developments, business of all sizes and across all industries are being affected on the Sunshine Coast.

“To ensure we give as many Sunshine Coast businesses the opportunity to voice their concerns and suggest solutions, we need to ensure this is shared as widely as possible.

“We are being asked what is happening in our region on the ground by various government stakeholders, and so it is vital we hear from our community and ensure their views are properly represented,” Ms Delamotte said.

The information gathered will help the chamber alliance inform local, state and federal leaders of the current business climate in the Sunshine Coast region with the hope of influencing key planning decisions across the region.

The research will be conducted on a quarterly basis for a 12month+ period to benchmark the impact of COVID-19 on the Sunshine Coast business community.

Provide feedback/suggestions here.

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