How we judge the awards and the stages involved

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There are two stages to an application for the Sunshine Coast Business Awards.

  • Stage 1 – initial written application.
  • Stage 2 – selected applicants will make it through to the interview stage.
  • Finalists will be selected based on results of the written application and interview.

A judging panel who are experts in their field will access each stage of the application.

Judges will be looking for:
  • The applicant’s ability to answer questions succinctly, effectively and consistently
  • Businesses that demonstrate well thought out business planning with clear goals and objectives
  • Businesses with a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to the business goals
  • Businesses that understand and cater to its customer base
  • Sustainable businesses – financially, socially and environmentally
  • Businesses that demonstrate innovation in their product, processes and/or technologies
  • Quality human resource management


One of the things I love the most about our awards is hearing the feedback from our judges. It reaffirms to me that we are fortunate to live in a region that fosters and encourages the entrepreneurial talent we have right here on our doorstep. And you cannot help but be inspired about our future.