The Sunshine Coast Business Awards (SCBA) is committed to sustainable practices in all areas of our event planning, management and implementation. To achieve this, sustainability considerations will be given equal importance to logistical, creative and financial aspects of our event planning and business practices.

Our Commitment is that we:

  • Conduct our event operations with integrity by minimising environmental impacts.
  • Apply sustainability principles to the purchasing and procurement of goods and services for events.
  • Ensure respect for, and acknowledgment of Traditional Owners.
  • Take the opportunity to influence our supply chain, venue and event attendees through our commitment to sustainability practices where possible.
  • Plan for continual improvement in all event sustainability activity, performance measurement and reporting.

Examples of what we do:

  • Minimise print materials.
  • Printing that is required is on recycled paper (80-100% post-consumer recycled content).
  • Ensure that all cups, plates, napkins and cutlery, used are reusable.
  • Request that catering showcases sustainable local/regional produce, and that this is communicated to our guests.
  • Request that caterers seek to minimise waste.
  • Ensure that guests with dietary requirements are catered for with care.
  • Ensure that staging/theming is appropriate and does not include single-use plastics.
  • No Balloons and No Plastic Bags.